The future of high temperature interconnect

Welcome to Tamessa - hot electronic systems for the future

We aim to enable high ambient temperature electronics and devices (such as sensors and control systems) to be nearer, faster, smaller and lighter to increase system response and efficiency. Exploitation of this project is expected to be through size/ weight reduction for high ambient temperature environments and self heating /heatsink-less systems. To do this, the project will develop a manufacturing process to produce complete electronic systems capable of continuously operating at 175⁰C and 225⁰C. The process is to be lead free and based upon standard SMT technology with organic substrates. The products will have shorter lead times to enable rapid development of high temperature systems for customers. We will produce comprehensive and accurate reliability data backed up with appropriate failure analysis.

The project is sponsored by Innovate UK and is a cooperative venture with three partners: Microsemi, Gwent Electronic Materials (GEM) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Our Partners
Gwent Group
Innovate UK